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  • Attaches to wheelchair handles
  • Tray angle can be adjusted for comfort
  • Easy to install and remove

The Wheelchair Shampoo Rinse Tray can be used for shampooing, ear irrigation or scalp treatments.  A clamp bar attaches to the wheelchair handles and can be adjusted to fit wheelchairs of various widths.  The neck rest allows the individuals head to be placed directly over the tray, which can then be adjusted to any angle the is comfortable for both the user and caregiver.  Screw operated clamps easily attach to the wheelchair handles.


Product Specifications

Specification Dimensions
Tray Length 19.25"
Tray Width 15.25"
Tray Side Height 1"


SKU: 706780000, Shampoo Tray, Shampoo Trays, Wheelchair Shampoo Tray, Wheelchair Shampoo Trays

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