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  • Delivers 5,000 LUX of bright light therapy
  • Portable - fits in briefcase or backpack
  • Helps improve moods and well-being
  • Optix Glare-Control lens reduces eyestrain

The compact size of the HappyLight Liberty Compact is the ideal lamp for use at home, office or both.  It fits conveniently is a briefcase or backpack.  The HappyLight Liberty Compact emits 5,000 LUX of light intensity that helps recalibrate yours bodies natural rhythms.  Get the benefits of SAD light therapy in a highly portable lamp.  Daily use of the HappyLight Liberty Compact also helps to reset your bodies natural sleep patterns to alleviate the effects of jet lag or shift work.

Benefits of SAD Light Therapy

When your schedule are driven by man-made light, it can negatively your bodies circadian rhythm during winter months an can result in winter blues, sleeplessness, lack of focus and concentration.  The HappyLight Liberty Compact emulates key spectrums of natural light to effectively reset your body's clock to improve mood, energy, and well-being.

Product Specifications
Specification Dimension
Light Box Height 7.4"
Light Box Width 6.3"
Light Box Depth 3.0"
Product Weight 1.5 lbs.
Therapeutic Emission 5,000 LUX @ 8" to 10"

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