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  • Easy to use built-in hand hold grips
  • Machine washable
  • Mobility aid
  • Made in the USA

The GorePad is the ideal product for individuals that need to be repositioned in bed with or without incontinence issues. The cutout, reinforced, handholds provide a firmer grip and are an integral component of the GorePad, assisting the caregiver in turning, boosting and repositioning of the patient. Patients, trained medical attendants and lay-caretakers describe the pad as safer and more secure. Made of a three-ply, washable fabric. The top layer of the under pad is a soft quilted material that wicks moisture away for increased patient comfort. The bottom layer is 100% waterproof to protect bed linens and the mattress. The pad can be placed on a wheelchair, arm chair, or sofa. *The model in the photo is 6'3" approximately 180lbs.


SKU: 992,993, 994, 991, 990, Mobility Sheet, Incontinence Sheet, Incontinence, The GorePad, GorePad, The Gore Pad, Gore Pad 

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