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  • Keeps gait belts from riding up during transfer
  • Universal design
  • Can be used with any gait/transfer belt
  • Lined with soft felt material for comfort
  • Two per package
  • Made in the USA

The SafetySure® Universal Thigh Strap keeps gait/transfer belts from riding up during the transfer process.  The Thigh Strap is lined with soft felt material for comfort.  Plastic buckle securely holds Thigh Strap in place.  Can be used with any style gait or transfer belt.  Black, two per package.

How to use the SafetySure® Universal Thigh Strap:

Place gait or transfer belt around the waist of the patient.   Slide the Universal Thigh Strap under the patient's thigh.

Take the end from the outside of the patients thigh and thread between the gait / transfer belt and the patients body.

Bring the strap from the patients inner thigh and secure with the plastic buckle.

Adjust the position and tension of the SafetySure® Universal Thigh Strap as needed.

Repeat the procedure on the other thigh.

You are now ready to lift and transfer the patient.  The gait / transfer belt and the SafetySure® Universal Thigh Straps can be left in place if the patient requires frequent transfers.

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WARNING:California's Proposition 65