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  • Design allows for front and back support surfaces
  • Bend to suit patients needs
  • Provides extra security for patient during transfer
  • Makes transfers more comfortable
  • Weight capacity 250 lbs. Made in the USA
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The Flex Board makes transfers from one surface to another easy and safe.  The design of the Flex Board allows the caregiver to bend the board to provide back and calf support for the patient to be transferred.  This feature eliminates the sharp edge under the thigh of conventional transfer boards.  The flex design makes transfers more comfortable while providing additional transfer surfaces for added safety. 

Transfer Board helps the patient transfer between surfaces of similar or slightly different heights. If you have decreased upper body strength, work with a caregiver to help you transfer.  Using the industry standard of “a third, a third, a third”, place one third of the board on the surface you are transferring from, place another third onto the surface you are transferring to, and the remaining third is the space in between the two transfer points.

Support your body weight on the flat surface as you move slowly and carefully paying attention to your movement and the location of your body as you transfer across the board. Don’t drag your buttocks on the board. Keep your body in the correct position keeping your feet flat on the floor throughout most types of transfers. When transferring, never put your hands or fingers under the board.

The Flex Board is constructed of high-impact plastic that supports up to 250 lbs. Length 23".

How to use a Transfer Board

WARNING:California's Proposition 65
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