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  • Fits standard toilet seats
  • Sonic welded polypropylene construction
  • Adjustable secure seat to toilet bowl
  • Fits both standard and elongated toilets
  • Available with or without lid
  • Note: Open toilet seats cannot be returned
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A raised toilet seat is the simple way of minimizing excessive bending and reduce the danger of over-balancing for individuals with limited mobility.

The Prima Raised Toilet Seat is manufactured in two pieces from polypropylene.  The pieces are sonic weld together for strength and durability.  The result is a strong, water tight raised toilet seat.  The Prima Raised Toilet Seat has non-slip rubber pads molded to the adjustment brackets.  These pads rest against the toilet bowl and are designed to securely hold the seat in place.  Available with or with lid.  Fits standard and elongated toilets.

Note: We regret that due to hygiene concerns, the manufacturer cannot accept returns on raised toilet seats that have been opened.

Product Specifications
Item # Seat Height With Lid Without Lid
60912 2 Inches   X
60914 4 Inches   X
60903 2 Inches X  
60905 4 Inches X  


SKU: 60912, 60914, 60903, 60905, Raised Toilet Seat, Raised Toilet Seat with Lid


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