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  • Die-cast, easy-to-read beam from both sides
  • Oversized wheels for easy transport
  • Lift-away arms and footrest
  • White with black seat and armrests
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The Detecto Mechanical Chair Scale, Models 475 and 4751, is an innovatively designed chair scale ideal for weight checks of handicapped, frail and elderly patients. Developed to reduce weighing time and also to ensure patient comfort and safety, the mechanical Detecto chair scale is portable and offer easy side or front access for your patients. Both 475 and 4751 have arms that raise easily to make it easier to assist the patient in and out of the chair scale.

The Model 475 measures weight in pounds while the Model 4751 measures weight in either pounds or kilos. Easy-to-read beams are die-cast and readable from the front and back.

The Detecto Mechanical Chair Scale, Models 475 & 4751,  combine function and sturdy construction with design features which help to save time. The chair scale arrives ready to use and is completely assembled.y understructure. The Detecto Mechanical Chair Scale, Models 475 & 4751, can be used on a tile floor or on carpeting and in relatively small spaces.

Detecto Mechanical Chair Scales, Models 475 & 4751
Scale Capacity     475     400 lb x 4 oz
    4751   400 lb x 4 oz / 175 kg x 100 g
Shipping Weight     78 lb / 35 kg

SKU: 475, 4751

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