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  • Power of the sun in your pocket
  • Delivers 10,000 LUX of bright light therapy
  • Helps improve moods
  • Long life LED technology
  • Rechargeable batteries included

Pocket-sized light for people on the go! The Litebook® EDGE emits light that is equivalent to 10,000 at 20 to 24 inches. The wavelengths of the light emited from the EDGE match the peak lightwaves of the sun.  The Litebook EDGE allows you the carry the sun in your pocket.  When used 15 - 30 minutes daily, most individuals experience and increase in their energy, improvement in their moods, and a more natural sleep pattern.  Powered by two recharagable lithium-ION batteries.  The charger is designed for worldwide use and comes with 4 international plug pins and a USB cable.  The EDGE has two light settings and automatically shuts off after 30 minutes.

Product Specifications
Specification Dimension
Width 2.9"
Lenght 5.4"
Thickness 0.6"
Light Out Put 10,000 LUX at 20" - 24"
Power Source 2 Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries


SKU: LBE, Litebook EDGE, litebook, SAD Light, SAD Lights

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