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  • Extra wide belt for better patient contact
  • Vertical and horizontal hand grips
  • Durable cotton weave
  • Machine washable
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The Posey Ergonomic Walking Belt is extra wide to provide greater leverage and support due to its wide contact area with the patient.  The Ergonomic Walking Belt is constructed of a durable, heavy duty cotton weave.  The Walking Belt has two handles of the sides of the belt to provide leverage points for lifting and transfer procedures.  A rear, horizontal, hand grip provides support during ambulation.  The Walking Belt is easy to put on and removed and has two plastic buckles on the front of the belt.  The Ergonomic Walking Belt has a rear  tension adjustment strap.  Machine washable.  Available in four sizes.

For safer transfers, it is recommended that both patient and caregiver wear a transfer belt.  This helps lower patient anxietyu and reduces backstrain on caregiver.

Sizing Chart
Size Fits Waists
Medium 33" to 38"
Large 36" to 45"

SKU: 6534M, 6534L, Transfer Belt, Transfer Belts, Gait Belt, Gait Belts, Walking Belt, Walking Belts

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