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  • Soft micro fiber filling
  • Covers gaps in wheelchair openings
  • Easily attaches to wheelchair
  • Machine washable

The Posey Comfort-Seat is ideal for any individual that uses a wheelchair.  The soft micro-fiber lining is extremely comfortable to sit on.  The Comfy-seat cover gaps in the wheelchair arms and back openings to help prevent pinching.  The Comfy-Seat easily attaches to the wheelchair with cotton ties.  Slits in the back permit the use of a positioning belt.  Provides complete sitting coverage while protecting sensitive skin.  Machine washable.

Recommended Use: Patients requiring long-term seating comfort and/or protection of sensitive skin.

Product Specifications
Specification Dimension
Seat Width 20"
Seat Depth 18"
Back Width 20"
Back Height 17"
Side Panel Height 14"
Side Panel Depth 15"

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