Back Pain

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FREEDOM Grip Bed Rail

  • Fits mattresses up to 12.5” thick (high)
  • Handle height: 20.5" (from base of mattress)
  • 9” wide handle with non-slip grip

Transfer Handle Bed Handle

  • 22 inch high handle fits mattresses up to 14 inches
  • Transfer handle is 6 inches wide
  • Cross bar for added stability and mobility

Economy Bed Handle Bed Assist Rail

  • Fits mattresses 6”- 12” thick
  • 18” wide handle with non-slip grip
  • Economically priced

Home Bed Assist Handle with Legs

  • Adjustable legs extend to floor for added strength and stability
  • Portable, folds flat for each transport and storage
  • For mattresses up to 8 inches thick

Tru-Grip Reacher

  • Rotating head
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Aluminum construction

Economy Reacher

  • Economical
  • Lightweight aluminum shaft
  • Claw jaw

FREEDOM Assist Handle Bedrail

  • Legs extend to floor for added stability
  • Height adjustable handle fits a variety of bed frame heights
  • Non-slip grip

SafetySure CarEase

  • Car Ease makes getting in and out of car easy
  • Low friction inner surface makes sliding and rotating effortless
  • Comfortable to sit on

FREEDOM Grip Plus Bed Rail

  • Adjustable height handle fits mattresses 9" - 16" thick (high)
  • Adjusts by 1" from 21.5" - 24.5" high (from base of mattress)
  • 9" wide (long) handle with cushioned non-slip cover

Home Bed Assist Rail

  • Assistance for getting in and out of bed
  • Tri-fold bed board for ease of storage
  • Assembles in seconds - no tools required

Home Bed Side Helper Assist Rail

  • 11" wide bed rail
  • Bed rail has four leverage points
  • Attaches directly to the bed frame

Versa-Pac Reusable Hot Cold Pac

  • Use for either hot or cold therapy
  • Maintains temperature up to 30 minutes
  • Safe, non-toxic

Bedside EconoRail®

  • Lightweight aluminum construction- only 1.5 lbs.
  • Portable in its own compact tote
  • Handle is 16" wide at base, 12" w at top

Instant Cold Packs

  • Idea for quick first aid
  • Remains cold for 25 minutes
  • Molds to body

Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack

  • Moist heat therapy without having to add water
  • Great for deep tissue therapy
  • Available in three sizes

Bed Rail with Pouch

  • 30" long bed rail
  • 23" high from the based of the mattress
  • Prevents falling and provides support while standing

Moist/Dry Electric Heating Pad

  • Use for either moist or dry heat therapy
  • Removable absorbent sponge
  • Three heat settings

Kool Web Abdominal Binder

  • Supports abdominal muscles
  • Breathable fabric for comfortable fit
  • Hoop and loop closure

Reusable Hot & Kold Gel Pack

  • Cold or Hot pain relief
  • Reusable
  • Two packs per box

NatraCure Cold Therapy Sock

  • Excellent for heel pain
  • Gel inserts are reusable
  • Sock is washable

Hydrocollator ColPac

  • Cold therapy gel pack
  • Reusable
  • Available in six sizes
From $11.00

Neoprene Abdominal Binder

  • One piece construction
  • Provides support for abdominal muscles
  • Hook and loop closure

Shower Stool with Padded Rotating Seat

  • Seat rotates 360 degrees
  • Seat locks every 90 degrees
  • Tool-free assembly

Abdominal Binder - 3 Panel

  • Supports abdominal muscles
  • Panel construction
  • Hook and loop fastener

Reusable Cold Pack

  • Reusable cold pack, Gel filled
  • Provides up to 30 minutes of relief
  • Great for sports injuries

Thermophore Arthritis Pad

  • Helps relieve arthritis pain
  • Built-in therapy timer shuts unit off when treatment is finished
  • Available in three sizes

Bariatric Elevating Wedges

  • Elevates head and trunk
  • Wider design for larger patients
  • Made from high density foam

Shoe Helper Pro

  • Makes putting on footwear easier
  • Promotes independent dressing
  • Available in two lengths

E-Z Slider Metal Shoe Horn

  • Put on shoes without having to bend
  • Strong metal construction
  • Available in two lenghts


  • Easily secures between floor and ceiling
  • Fits ceilings from 50" to 100"
  • Hand grip for added comfort and security

Bath Safety Kit

  • Comes with Bath Bench, Handheld Shower Head and, Suction Cup Grab Bar
  • Helps reduce risk of bathroom accidents
  • Economical, cheaper that buying products separately

Kwik-Kold Instant Cold Pack

  • Single use cold therapy pack
  • Easy to activate
  • No special storage needed

Rib Belt - Universal - Female

  • Stabilizes ribs
  • Helps promote healing
  • Contoured front

Wedge Foam Pommel Cushion

  • Helps provide seating stability
  • Pommel helps eliminate sliding forward
  • Wedge shaped based
From $117.00

Economy Dual Channel TENS

  • Provides pain relief
  • Adjustable pulse frequency and width
  • Single burst mode

Pinstripe Gait Belt - Plastic Buckle

  • Provides support during transfer process
  • Made from cotton webbing
  • Machine washable
From $12.40

Rib Belt - Female

  • Stabilizes ribs
  • Helps promote healing
  • Contoured front

True-Ice Reusable Ice Therapy

  • Fast and effective ice therapy
  • Great for sprains, arthritis and tendonitis
  • Use when ever ice is needed

Abdominal Binder - 4 Panel

  • Supports abdominal muscles
  • 4 panel construction
  • Hook and loop fastener

Independent Cell Cushion

  • Superior comfort plus pressure relief
  • 72 foam cells adjust to body contour
  • Waterproof cover
$57.75 $46.20

Therma Moist Heating Pads

  • Available in three sizes
  • Auto shut off
  • Four heat and time settings

Adjustable Height Tub Rail with Soap Dish

  • Support for entering or exiting tub
  • Adjustable height handle
  • Integrated soap dish and shampoo caddy

Hot & Cold Therapy Wrap

  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Soft terry-lined fabric wrap
  • Available in two sizes

Locking Raised Toilet Seat

  • Raised height of toilet seat by 5.5"
  • Easy to clean blow-molded plastic
  • Locking mechanism keep seat from shifting

Bedfellow Positioning Roll

  • Provides full body support
  • Use in bed or chair
  • Filled with polystyrene beads

Torso Wedges

  • Helps keep bed-ridden patients comfortable
  • Keep head and chest elevated
  • Filled with polystyrene beads
From $86.00

Advocate Moist / Dry Heating Pads

  • Ultra fast heat up
  • Moist or dry heating options
  • Automatic turn off feature
From $22.85

Shower Stool

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Adjustable leg height
  • Easy, tool free assembly
From $35.95
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