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  • Low pressure air gently lifts patient
  • Lift up to 980 lbs.
  • Use to lift, move, or transfer
  • Reduces back strain on caregiver
  • Self contained system
  • Comes with carrying case
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The Elk (Emergency Lifting Cushion) is an innovative product designed to lift a fallen individual from the floor.  Operating with low pressure, the Elk provides a stable lifting surface that reduces stress on caregivers back.  The Elk is compact making it ideal when someone has fallen in a confined space either indoors or outside.  When deflated, the Elk easily folds for storage. Powered by lightweight portable Airflo low pressure compressor makes the Elk the idea product for home care, nursing homes and EMT applications.  Weight capacity 980 lbs.

How to Use the Elk

Step 1 - Roll the patient on their side and place the Elk parallel to the patient.  Roll the patient back onto the Elk

Step 2 - Raise the individual to a seated position.  The use of a SafetySure Transfer Sling (Item 3011) or a SafetySure Transfer Belt can assist in this process.

Step 3 - Once the individual is in a seated position, begin to inflate the Elk making sure that the caregiver provides stabilization during the lifting process.

Step 4 - Once the Elk is fully inflated, the caregiver can then assist the individual into a standing position.


Elk Product Specifications
Inflated Height22"
Inflated Width22.5"
Inflated Depth20"
Product Weight (Deflated)8 lbs.
Weight Capacity980 lbs.

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